Gemini Group is a leading provider of a wide range of hydrocarbon commodities, including Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Crude Oil, Ignition Materials, Charcoal, Diesel Fuel, Tar and Asphalt, Polymers, and other hydrocarbons. All of our products are sourced with the utmost care and held to the highest standards to ensure their quality and reliability.

With a strong presence in London, Türkiye, and the UAE, we are well-equipped to handle all of your hydrocarbon needs. Our teams in these key locations are committed to executing seamless transactions and providing exceptional customer service.

At Gemini Group, we understand the crucial role that hydrocarbons play in the energy market and are dedicated to providing our clients with a diverse selection of top-quality products. Whether you're looking for LNG, CNG, Crude Oil, or any of our other offerings, you can count on us to deliver what you need, where you need it.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Sugar in figures - 2020



of sugar supplied to our customers



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