Michael Leigh

Founder, Sales Director

With over thirty years of experience in sourcing, marketing, product development, import and export, wholesale and retail distribution. Expertise in closing transactions and ensuring clarity for all parties saving substantial costs all around. Strong contacts throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Daud Farooq LL.B., LL.M., MA

Founder, Managing Director

Over sixteen years of experience as a Lawyer and ten as a Managing Partner in a UK Law Firm.  Extensive knowledge of complex commercial transactions including cross border negotiation. Working for high profile clients in international dispute resolution involving complex financial and trust arrangements. Negotiated for clients with Governments and Sovereign Funds and has experience in funding arrangements and structuring projects for delivery.  Business interests in various countries and a strong presence in Iran, Pakistan and Turkey

Alexander Risbey

Head of operations

With two years of experience in business development in the fintech sector and one year of experience in the Swiss armed forces, extensive knowledge of information systems and logistics as well as financial structures and transactions. Liaising with suppliers, freight & transport and insurance, ensuring that contractual obligations are met.

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